Ambassador Christian College



Application for admission to Ambassador Christian College is open to all individuals. Requirements and instructions are explained below. A link to the Application Form follows.

Requirements for Admission:

All students regardless of language or national origin must have good English skills as presently no classes are offered in languages other than English either at the Kannapolis campus or via the online studies. We are currently seeking those fluent in other languages for translation work in order to accommodate students whose first language is not English. Transcripts from high school or other colleges attended are not required. There is also no requirement at present for the student to have taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for admission. Admission of international students is subject to approval and applicable federal and state laws.

It is recommended that all interested applicants register, if at all possible, before June 1st for Autumn and December 1st for tentative January Spring admission. However, if capacity has not been reached by these respective dates, the college will be taking applications until capacity is reached.


Tuition for the college year is less expensive that other private colleges in North Carolina including the state’s Bible colleges. Since more than 90 percent of all instruction is from the Holy Bible (Authorized King James Version) few other textbooks, if any, will be required the first year saving the student hundreds of extra dollars. Tuition may be paid at the time of registration in August, or arrangements may be made to pay 50% at the beginning of autumn and spring semesters (August and January). A discount may be offered for all prospective students who register early if tuition is paid in full at registration.

In case of extreme financial hardship and only by special arrangement with the president, tuition may also be paid monthly at the beginning of each month of instruction. This arrangement does not include the early registration discount.

Classes will be held on different days of the week. Evening classes will be from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM for those not able to attend during the day. All daytime employed students can take advantage of the night classes and are encouraged to do so. Nearly all students prefer evening classes. Call for information about which daytime classes will be taught. At this time no classes are scheduled on Friday nights through Sunday nights.

Refund Policy:

Following the University of North Carolina college system policy of offering full and partial refunds for students who, for, whatever reason must withdraw shortly after registration in the autumn, the college maintains a refund policy as follows: All students will receive a 100% refund of all tuition paid if withdrawal from the college occurs within the first week of classes. A partial refund will be available for the first 30 days. If a student withdraws after the first, second, third or fourth week of instruction the refund policy is as follows: After one week- 75% refund; After two weeks- 50% refund; During the third and fourth weeks- 25% refund. After the fourth week in classroom instruction, no refunds will be made. The same policies apply for the online campus.

Financial Assistance:

At the present time the college has no program to accept government grants such as the BEOG, SEOG, or state grants. However, it may be available at some time in the future.

The college is hiring recruiters to insure maximum enrollment. If the prospect is interested in working as a recruiter before coming to college, contact the President personally to set up an interview. You may call (704) 938-6415 to get information about the Recruitment Program which is being offered.

Church Growth:

Some students can be earning regular income from multiple programs offered while attending classes and earning a degree. One such program deals with recruiting new people for church services and membership, which will be explained in detail in the class entitled “Principles of Church Growth.” Any industrious student who wants to attend this college and needs financial assistance will be provided with these (and possibly other) financial aids.

Cost of Credit Hours:

The average cost of credit hours to attend Ambassador Christian College is $60 per credit hour, which is much less costly than the average private college in North Carolina. However, in some instances, the Board of Directors, may offer significant discounts on tuition to encourage early registration.

Degree Requirements

The student must successfully complete all course work with a passing grade for each course of study. All financial obligations to the college must be met in full before degrees can be conferred.

The UNC Board of Governors of North Carolina has decreed that for the purposes of instruction in Theology, an Associate of Arts degree may be obtained from an institution of religious education after just one year of study and a Bachelor of Arts degree may be obtained after just two years of study. Therefore, upon successful completion of all course work and the satisfaction of all financial obligations to the college, after one year a student may graduate with an Associate of Arts degree from this institution. Under the same requirements, the student is encouraged (though not required) to take second year classes to finish his or her education in obtaining the higher degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theology.

To earn degrees, students are expected to be punctual and consistent in attendance, to take extensive notes for later study to facilitate the learning process and to keep all tests and examinations. Missed examinations must be taken soon afterwards within the prescribed period or a failing grade will result for that class. Each student must pass every class with at least a minimum grade to be eligible for graduation. There are no exceptions.

A minimum grade point average of 2.0 (a “C” average) is required to remain in college and to graduate with a degree in the General Education program. A grade point average of 3.0 (a “B” average) is required of all students in the Ministerial Education program. No exceptions to these rules will be made except under very special circumstances due to ill health, family emergency, or other critical situation and only by approval from the president of the college.

A good attitude from the student about his or her college career is paramount. A rebellious or a contrary, uncooperative or argumentative spirit, or illegal drug use, alcoholism, or unethical, dishonest, or immoral conduct will be grounds for dismissal. However, this policy in no way precludes a student’s right and privilege to challenge any and all teachings by way of asking questions or to seek and demand proof of any and all subjects taught in the college. All such questions are welcomed and encouraged.

No weapons of any kind, illegal drug paraphernalia, or other things prohibited by state law will be allowed on campus.

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