Ambassador Christian College

Bachelor Degree Program

Second Year – General Education Courses:

301. Principles of Church Growth II: A continuation of church growth principles with emphasis on maintaining membership in a new church and additional teaching on church planting in other countries as well as the U.S.A. 1 Credit Hour
310. Survey of the Law: Study of the Pentateuch with an emphasis on the book of Deuteronomy. What Laws are still in force today? Is there a dichotomy between the “Law of Moses” and the “Law of God”? 4 Credit Hours
320. Survey of the Major Prophets: Basic theme and teaching of the Old Testament Major Prophets. 3 Credit Hours
325. Survey of the Minor Prophets: Basic theme and teachings of the Minor Prophets with an emphasis on the “Day of the Lord”. 2 Credit Hours
350. Survey of the Historical Books: Basic theme is the study of the third division of the Old Testament with an emphasis on the books of Kings. 2 Credit Hours
360. Church History: Detailed history of God’s persecuted people down through nearly 2000 years of church history starting with the Book of Acts. Emphasis on the Biblical signs of God’s church through the ages and where they were in each century to the present. Textbook: A True History of the True Religion (which may be given gratis to the students) 4 Credit Hours

Second Year – Ministerial Education Courses:

to be added